Visual Poetry, digital Collage

Digital Collage from Tender to Empress.

Asemic Writing

Based on poems from Pyre, the asemic writing began as notebook meditations. These visual meditations including entopic graphomania, countour drawings evolved into a collection of digital prints. 

Untitled Artist Book, limited edition, digital prints, based on Pyre

The Flowering Self, Smaller, Frozen

Video and photography series as self portrayal based on poems from Later, Knives & Trees. The self-portrait series are loosely based on Galeic /Celtic seasons an elegaic sequence. Phototgraphic Portraits can be viewed at Superstition Review:  Samhain, Ibolc, BeltaneLughnasadhMabonOstaraYuleLitha. The serial publication was released over two years; seasons and order of prose are not chronological. 

Poetry Videos (Youtube Channel) includes expanded twenty-second (short) videos as self portrayal and excerpts from the poems.

A full reading of the series including photographs, appear at Tabula Poetica, Chapman University 

Videos-Collaborations, Events

Tally Ho

This series, based on individual poems from Apparition Wren, include three-dimensional visual poems housed in fifteen vintage cigar boxes. The boxes, reminiscent of those once used to hold marbles, small objects, personal items or sometimes beloved animals or wild pets, enact the memorialization of writing. The artworks are intended to offer an intimate, physical experience of language and memory, wherein each box, is to be held, opened, observed, quietly tucked away.


Collage: ephemera, found objects, vintage cigar boxes

Videos, Collaborations, Events