These “feral elegies,” spacious, experimental and abstract, spark and inflame language. They splinter, oxygenate. Alsop’s kindling: voices, mineral in absence. The poems delve into collaborations invented in life and life beyond. Through metaphor, the collection evocatively sculpts a new metaphysics—thumbed in ash, cinder’s smudge, as embers glow from grief’s breath. Here, a prophetic moon emerges in cyclical écriture féminine, this series of meditations combust, twine unspoken cords, and pause only in arcs of imagination as remedy.

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Australian Book Review
Reviewed by Anders Villani
Every sacred language,’ writes Octavio Paz, ‘is secret. And conversely: every secret language … borders on the sacred.’ In the liminal Pyre, poet Maureen Alsop traverses – and erodes – this secret/...